As a kid I grew up in a small temple town in India, by the shore of the magnificent Bay of Bengal. One of my fondest childhood memories was watching ‘Jungle Book’ the Walt Disney series every Sunday. I hated going to school and used to wonder what it would be like to live in the wild like my favourite 'Mowgli'.

My passion for travel never really took off until I finished my studies and made my first sojourn into the majestic Himalayas. It was here in the midst of the mighty and mystic mountains that a newfound love for photography took shape.

In the following years, I traveled extensively and had some of the most incredible experiences walking along the ridge of an active volcano, scuba-diving with baby-sharks, rafting on one of the wildest rivers on the planet, hot air ballooning over the valley of kings and parasailing over some of most beautiful beaches in Asia. In short, I tried to face my fears, realise my deepest desires and capture these memories in form of photographs.

Photography for me is an art of story telling, through which one invokes a viewer’s interest. It needs to transcend boundaries, teleport the viewer and make him visualise what my naked eye saw. It needs to evoke the same emotions, thoughts and sensations that I felt when I captured the scene.

My knowledge on photography is completely self-taught and I constantly strive to observe and learn from the experts. I mostly shoot landscapes and occasionally delve in portrait and wildlife photography. I love taking long exposures and believe that spectacular light and the mood of the elements within a scene make for dramatic shots. The right composition does make a difference and although there are a few thumb rules to follow, I mostly trust my instincts.

I now live in Sydney, a vibrant city on the pacific coastline and spend my weekends exploring and capturing the wild and rugged landscapes of this beautiful country. In a modern world, so much can be done superficially and a million images are published every day. I want to create that one image which speaks to you and stays with you.

I hope you find 'one' while flicking through the pages here. It’s still early days, so please feel free to leave your feedback or drop me a note if you would like to get in touch.

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